Open auto transport

Affordable and secure, open auto carrier shipping is the ideal choice to transport your vehicle across the U.S., backed by comprehensive insurance.

What is Open auto transport

Open auto transport is the preferred car shipping method in the United States for several compelling reasons. It offers greater scheduling flexibility and cost advantages compared to closed transport. These carriers typically accommodate 8-10 vehicles simultaneously, maximizing efficiency to provide affordable open carrier car shipping services. This approach combines convenience, cost-efficiency, and secure vehicle delivery, making it a popular choice for transporting cars across the country.

What Sets Open Auto Transport Apart

Rapid Transport

Open car transport is the quickest way to ship your car. With over 90% of truckers using open road auto transport trailers, you have more options for convenient pickup and delivery.

Cost-Effective Choice

If you're seeking the best value when shipping your car, open auto transport is the way to go. While classic car owners may prefer enclosed transport, open transport offers the best bang for your buck for most people.

Topload Option

Opt for the top load preference with open vehicle transport for a little extra peace of mind. This ensures that no other vehicle will be loaded above yours during the open car shipping process.

Preferred by Dealerships

Open auto transport is the choice of preference for most car dealerships when they need to move vehicles between locations. At Nexa, we work with some of the largest dealers in the country, often transporting brand new vehicles for them using open auto transport.

Why chose Nexa for Open auto transport

Trusted Network of Carriers

Nexa maintains a trusted network of carriers selected for their commitment to high-quality service standards. This ensures we can swiftly connect you with top-tier carriers for your car shipping needs.

Competitive Pricing

At Nexa, we consistently provide the most competitive car shipping prices available. Our intelligent online calculator takes all relevant factors into account, offering you the fairest and most accurate open car transport cost possible.

Payment Convenience

You can book your open auto transport service with Nexa now and address the payment once the carrier has been dispatched for your order. We prioritize your convenience every step of the way, ensuring a hassle-free experience with our friendly customer service representatives.

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