Enclosed auto transport

Worried about your classic car’s safety? Opt for Nexa’s enclosed auto carrier service.

What is enclosed auto transport

When it comes to ensuring your vehicle's safety during transport, Nexa's enclosed carriers are the ideal choice. While it may involve a slightly higher investment, the peace of mind and protection they provide are well worth it. Our enclosed carriers create a secure cocoon for your vehicle, shielding it from harsh weather, flying rocks, and road debris. This extra layer of protection ensures your precious cargo arrives in pristine condition. At Nexa, we understand the value of your vehicle, especially classic or specialty cars. That's why we offer the security that only enclosed carriers can deliver. Choose Nexa's enclosed auto carrier service for a worry-free transport experience that puts your vehicle's safety first.

When to Go for Extra Protection

Preserve Fragile Beauty

Fragile vehicles demand enclosed auto transport, especially if minor damage could result in costly repairs. Whether it's a classic with delicate paintwork or a custom car with intricate detailing, choosing enclosed transport ensures their safe arrival.

Exclusive Vehicle Protection

Exclusive, high-value cars, and racing vehicles deserve the extra security and protection of enclosed car carriers. If you own an exotic, classic, custom, or high-end vehicle, embracing the safety offered by sealed carriers is a must.

Protecting Your Investment

While the price of enclosed auto transport may be higher than standard open carriers, the advantages significantly outweigh the cost. Consider the substantial financial investment in your classic or custom vehicle, along with the time and effort dedicated to it

What Sets Enclosed Auto Transport Apart

Prioritizing Your Vehicle's Safety

Choose enclosed auto shipping to ensure your car arrives in pristine condition, shielded from harsh elements and extreme weather. The cost of enclosed car transport is a modest premium for added peace of mind.

Complete Weather and Hazard Protection

Our enclosed carriers provide comprehensive protection from the unpredictability of weather and road hazards during transit. This additional security is invaluable for exotic, luxury, and high-value vehicles.

Safely Transporting Low Clearance Cars

For vehicles with low ground clearance, our enclosed auto transport with hydraulic lift gates is indispensable. Inform our specialists during booking, and we'll ensure your enclosed car shipping is equipped accordingly.

Your Partner for Luxury Vehicle Transport

Whether you need enclosed car transport for one or multiple vehicles, Nexa stands out with a network of thousands of verified enclosed car haulers, recognized for delivering the industry's premier service. Your luxury vehicles deserve nothing less.

Why chose Nexa for Secure Enclosed auto transport

Fully Protected

Our enclosed car transporter service ensures your vehicle's full protection and insurance from pick-up to drop-off, preserving its pristine condition.

Keeping Your Car in Perfect Condition

We recognize your car's unique value and your desire for it to stay in perfect condition from pick-up to final delivery.

Qualified Drivers

We select highly qualified drivers with extensive experience and specialized training to handle exclusive cars with meticulous care.

Driver Qualification Proof with Certificates

Our enclosed car transporter service ensures full protection and care, supported by certified drivers for your peace of mind.

Auto Transport Insurance

All carriers, including classic car haulers, meet strict insurance standards, providing extra coverage for your high-value or classic vehicle during transit for added peace of mind.

Trusted Network of Carriers

At Nexa, exotic auto transport is both easy and secure. Our team carefully vets every enclosed car hauler in our network for your trust and reliability.

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