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Want to enhance your auto dealership’s reputation and referrals? Partner with us for on-time, secure car transport.

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At Nexa, we fully grasp the intricate demands car dealerships contend with when striving to satisfy their customers' desires and expectations. Our pivotal role as car transport service specialists is dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding your auto dealership's requirements, resulting in the excellent reviews and referrals it truly deserves. We recognize the significant investments of energy, time, and resources that your vehicle dealership allocates to each sale. The challenge of maintaining an extensive inventory while also aiming to meet diverse customer preferences can be daunting. When a customer expresses interest in a specific vehicle, it triggers a series of tasks. First, you must check your existing inventory. If the desired vehicle isn't in stock, you embark on a quest to locate it at another dealership. And upon finding it, the final step often involves transporting the vehicle to your dealership for the customer's convenience.

Why Nexa Is the Preferred Choice for Car dealership and Groups

Meeting Auto Dealerships' Transport Demands

Unreliable car transporters can be a costly headache for your auto dealership, jeopardizing your commitments to customers and your bottom line. At Nexa, we understand the unique requirements of auto dealerships like yours. Our team of skilled and experienced car shippers is always ready with the appropriate equipment to load your vehicle shipments onto the correct trailer and ensure timely delivery, aligning seamlessly with your dealership's needs.

Versatility with Tailored Solutions

Nexa boasts a vast nationwide carrier network, exceeding 15,000 partners, ensuring consistent and readily available capacity. We adapt seamlessly to market fluctuations, offering flexibility in how you want your vehicles shipped. Whether it's open or enclosed transportation, expedited shipping, or a customized solution to precisely meet your requirements.

Single Units to Full-Load Capability

Nexa's roots in the retail market position us as industry leaders in single-vehicle shipments. Even if you have just one or two units to transport, Nexa guarantees fast and efficient transportation. For dealerships managing a substantial vehicle inventory, Nexa steps up to the challenge. We excel in handling high-volume multiple full loads for cars, trucks, motorcycles, powersports, inoperable vehicles, and more.

Transparent Pricing and Dependable Delivery

Nexa offers multiple avenues to provide you with pricing information. From utilizing our market predictive calculator for spot quotes to crafting set pricing tailored to your specific needs or providing contract pricing, we cater to your pricing preferences. Once your order is confirmed and transportation is required, Nexa springs into action with swift dispatch and transit times. We seamlessly adapt to your evolving schedule, expediting vehicle movement on and off your lots to reduce cycle time and enhance your dealership's efficiency.

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