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Are You a College-Bound Student in Need of Auto Transport Services? Discover Nexa!

Student car shipping

Choosing the right college is a big step. College life comes with challenges like demanding professors and roommates. Having your own car offers freedom and convenience for campus and town. Leaving it at home isn't ideal. Public transportation may not always be safe or efficient, especially in smaller cities. We strongly recommend bringing your car to college. Student car delivery is affordable and convenient, ensuring it's close to your destination, giving you peace of mind. Discover Incredible Savings on State-to-State Auto Shipping for Students! We know student budgets can be tight, but you'll be amazed by how affordable it is to transport your car with us. Our average cost for moving a car is only $0.60 per mile.

Why Nexa Auto Transport Is the Preferred Choice for College Students

Safe and Stress-Free College Transportation

Moving to college is a challenging and emotional endeavor. Nexa Auto Transport provides a safe and stress-free solution for getting your vehicle to and from campus, offering peace of mind during this important transition.

Additional Personal Item Storage

Nexa allows you to bring an extra suitcase or box of personal items (under 100 lbs.) in your car's trunk at no additional charge. While the assigned trucker may check for prohibited items, this service offers added convenience for students relocating to college.

Time and Vehicle Longevity Savings

Driving long distances across the country consumes time and adds mileage to your vehicle, potentially shortening its lifespan. Nexa's trusted network of carriers handles the driving for you, saving you time and preserving your car's longevity.

Budget-Friendly Transportation

Understanding the financial constraints faced by college students, Nexa Auto Transport offers budget-friendly options, including the 'Discounted Cash Price' payment choice. They are prepared to work with any budget to ensure that college students can afford reliable car transportation.

What transport option is suitable for student

Door to Door

For college students, Nexa suggests opting for our convenient door-to-door shipment service. Our dedicated trucker will make every effort to get as close to your home as legally and safely possible.

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