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Experience Convenient and Affordable Nationwide Auto Transport. Whether you’re moving, buying or selling a vehicle, or handling business shipments, explore our diverse shipment methods and specialized services. or talk to one of our agent right now.

Different Shipping Selection

Choose from a range of transport options to suit your preferences, from door-to-door convenience to secure enclosed hauling, open car transport, and expedited services.

Personal Relocations

Auto Transport for Individuals: Whether you're leaving for college, buying or selling a car online, relocating to a new city, or are seasonal movers, we've got your back with personalized services

Business Solutions

Boost Your Business with Our Auto Shipment Services. Whether you're a dealership or car rental company in need of timely nationwide vehicle transport, we've got you covered.

Key Considerations Before Booking an Auto Shipment

When it comes to booking an auto shipment, it’s crucial to make informed decisions. We provide you with all the essential points to ensure a smooth and worry-free vehicle transportation experience.

Choose a car transport company that values your schedule.

At Nexa, our customer-centric approach puts you and your vehicle first, recognizing your busy schedule and offering support.

Share crucial details with your auto transport provider.

you don't need to share too much just Include pickup and delivery zip codes, car make and model, and any special requests, like enclosed hauling.

Book online or call your auto transport.

Nexa simplifies booking with our instant cost calculator. Get a quote and schedule in seconds, or call us for assistance every step of the way.

Book your car shipment with Nexa in three easy steps.

Booking your car shipment with Nexa is a breeze, thanks to our straightforward three-step process. Experience hassle-free vehicle transportation with us today.

Step one

Quote and book your order

Step Two

We pick up your vehicle

Step Three

Receive Your Vehicle

Step 1

Get a quote and schedule your vehicle shipment


Enter your car pickup and car delivery zip codes


Choose your vehicle's type and dimensions


Select from open or enclosed vehicle transport options

Step 2

We collect your vehicle, marking the start of its journey


Get your vehicle ready by giving it a thorough inside and outside cleaning


Ensure your car is prepared by removing personal items, disabling alarms, and having a quarter to half tank of gas.


Your driver dispatched by Nexa will conduct inspection of your vehicle before it departs on its journey.

Step 3

Our vehicle transport service ensures your car reaches its destination.


You also have the option to settle your vehicle shipment balance upon arrival.


Your designated driver will perform a final vehicle inspection in your presence.


Simply authorize the Bill of Lading, and you're finished!

cost calculation

What is the cost of car transport services

Car transport company prices are shaped by the prevailing market dynamics in the field of nationwide auto transport. Your comprehensive cost estimation from auto shipping companies will be contingent on various factors, including the specific make and model of your vehicle, the intended destination, its dimensions, its current condition (including any potential modifications), the total distance it needs to be transported, the choice of transport type (whether open or enclosed trailer shipment), and the seasonal considerations impacting your booking.

Don’t forget to check for more information about car shipment costs or give us a call at (202) 555-0823.

Size and weight of vehicle

Longer, taller or heavier-than-average vehicles require special accommodations by car transport companies and, as a result, the price may vary.

The car condition

Shipping inoperable vehicles costs more because it requires extra tools and labor for car shipping companies to accommodate the cargo. But if your car rolls, steers, and brakes, we can ship it.

The transport type

Open transport is standard and more affordable option. Enclosed transport requires specific handling, so the price might be different.

The shipping distance

Longer runs have a higher overall price but lower cost per mile. The further your vehicle travels, the more you save on an auto transporter.

Your Reliable Car Shipping Partner


Years of services


Carrier network


State coverage

6 Reasons To Choose Nexus Auto Transport

company prices are based on current market trends for nationwide auto transport. Your total cost from auto shipping companies will depend on the type of car you want to move, where it needs to go, its size, condition (or if it has any modifications), total transport d

Swift Nationwide Auto Transport Quotes

Whether you're transporting a vehicle across the nation or to a nearby state, we deliver auto transport cost estimates with unparalleled speed, outpacing the competition.

Expert Car Shipping Services

Our team of car delivery service specialists elevates the art of vehicle transportation. We're not just professionals; we're passionate about cars and renowned for our dependable car transport services. This is the hallmark of a premier auto transport company

Versatile Vehicle Shipping Solutions

Whether you're relocating for education or acquiring a vehicle from an online car auction, our comprehensive range of vehicle transport services caters to diverse customer needs.

Comprehensive Insurance Protection

When you book with us, your shipping quote already encompasses insurance coverage. Our rigorous standards ensure that all the auto haulers in our network meet the highest insurance requirements

Enhanced Safety Over Self-Shipping

Leave the car dolly behind when you entrust your vehicle to the most trusted car shipping company in the United States. With our private transportation service, your vehicle enjoys comprehensive cargo insurance coverage, ensuring its safety throughout the journey.

Extensive Network of 15,000+ Auto Carriers

Our auto transport company boasts a vast network of meticulously screened auto shipping specialists. When you choose us, your vehicle is in the hands of industry-trusted experts who treat your car with the same care they would their own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Car shipping times depend on factors like transport type, driver availability, weather, and location access. Typically, drivers cover around 500 miles per day. For cross-country shipments, expect 5-7 days plus lead time. Nexus Auto Transport ensures transparent and reliable shipping.

Our vehicle shipping prices are carefully calculated based on specific factors, including distance, speed preferences, vehicle details, condition, size, season, and transport type. For accurate 24/7 quotes, use our instant price calculator and get a free, confidential estimate in seconds. Wondering about car shipping costs? Count on us for a private, cost-effective, and hassle-free solution without compromising quality.

For a smooth and secure car shipping experience, ensure your vehicle is well-prepared. Clean it inside and out to facilitate optimal service. Keep at least a quarter tank of gas for safe loading/unloading. Document any preexisting damage for the driver during pickup. Remove personal items unless approved (for an extra fee). A well-prepared vehicle ensures a smoother transport process.

Yes, absolutely! Our vehicle shipping quotes, obtained either through consultation or our online calculator, automatically include full auto cargo insurance for the entire shipment duration. If you have any questions about the insurance policy for your car shipment,  Safety is our top priority, and we work exclusively with licensed private car haulers for your peace of mind.

Please note that our professional transportation services do not cover insurance for personal belongings during car transport. As per Department of Transportation regulations, it’s not permitted to transport personal items in your vehicle’s front or back seats. Unless there are exceptional circumstances (with driver agreement and an additional fee), ensure all belongings are removed from your vehicle’s trunk and cab before shipping with a car hauler company.

we believe in keeping car shipping simple. Our new and improved car shipping cost calculator streamlines the process. Just provide your vehicle shipping details, and you’ll receive three quotes: Standard, Enclosed, and Accelerated. Choose Standard for cost-effective scheduling, Accelerated for the fastest service, or Enclosed to protect your vehicle. We offer choices that define top auto shipping companies.

The car transport process is easier than you might think! Get a free vehicle shipping quote from our instant cost calculator or reach out to our vehicle shipping specialists directly. Once you schedule your vehicle shipment with one of the 59,000+ private car haulers we work with, prepare your car for transport before the pickup date. Conduct a pre-shipping inspection with your driver to note any preexisting damages. Your driver will then load your car onto a carrier for transport. Track your shipment online while it’s in transit. Upon arrival, perform a final inspection with the driver, sign the Bill of Lading, and you’re all set! Avoid the hassle and choose an auto transport company that simplifies the process. Book with Nexa.

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